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In this article, you will see each and every one of the professional link building techniques that have given the best results to the most prestigious Spanish-speaking SEO consultants in the online marketing sector, and we will analyze what they are for, how they are carried out. and the advantages offered by each of them.

What link building techniques do 

How to Get Top Ranking in Google Search Result within 1 Month:
You need to agree with me that while ranking any page in the search result Google considers the number of backlinks your website have. Without off page activities, your website is not going to rank anywhere.
Important Factors that Google Considers while ranking any page – • The no. of referring domains that your website have • What is the page authority of the linking website? • Authority of the linking page & domain • The number of do-follow links • Links which are relevant & within the niche.

professional SEO's use?

All major SEO's agree that these techniques are essential to achieving position any website, are the following:

Link building Technique #: Backlinks

backlink is simply a link that you insert into a text that you post outside of your website, in this case, called "anchor text or anchor text", with a link inside pointing to your homepage or to your site's page web that interests you most.
Doing this has several effects, among many others increase the authority of the page you are targeting, "have presence" in other places, and if the link is "do follow" it will transmit part of the authority of the page where you have left.


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